Customer Relationship Management



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Customer Relationship Management

Sagoni Service center CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software For Mobile/Laptop Repairing center CRM Sagoni Service center CRM helps businesses meet overall customer relationship management goals. CRM software provides a business with actionable customer insights. customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market. Sagoni CRM software is a complete CRM solution that automates your core sales, customers,invoice,payment,dashboard,sales agent sales details,lead generation,automated lead allocation and many more.

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Admin Panel:
  • Admin can create user login
  • View daily sales Transactions
  • View agent wise sales Transactions
  • Maintain daily Expanse
Dash Board:
  • Daily sales Transaction
  • Daily Expanse
  • View total sales lead created
  • View total scheduled lead, follows up lead and qualified lead
CRM Software

Agent Dash Board:
  • Every agent have separate dashboard so that they can maintain their day to day to work like sales agent can follow their follows up lead ,account executive collect their pending payment and many more
Sales (Lead):
  • Lead allocation
  • Create lead
  • View lead
  • Follows up lead
  • Scheduled lead
  • Qualified lead
  • Create Ticket
  • View Ticket
  • Give customer to tracking ID, generate, request ID

Service Invoice:
  • Create Service Invoice
  • View Service Invoice
  • Edit Service Invoice
  • Delete Service Invoice
  • print Service Invoice
  • save as pdf Service Invoice
Repair Invoice:
  • Create Repair Invoice
  • View Repair Invoice
  • Edit Repair Invoice
  • Delete Repair Invoice
  • print Repair Invoice
  • save as pdf Repair Invoice
Job work (TRC):
  • Job entry
  • Job view
  • Repaire status check
  • How many job in (unallocated,under repair,partawaited,diagonistics,intransit,delivered)
Refund Service Invoice:
  • Create Refund Service Invoice
  • View Refund Service Invoice
  • Edit Refund Service Invoice
  • Delete Refund Service Invoice
  • print Refund Service Invoice
  • save as pdf Refund Service Invoice
Refund Repair Invoice:
  • Create Refund Repair Invoice
  • View Refund Repair Invoice
  • Edit Refund Repair Invoice
  • Delete Refund Repair Invoice
  • print Refund Repair Invoice
  • save as pdf Refund Repair Invoice
  • Main trc(total repair center) in Inventory
  • Add product
  • Update product
  • View product
  • Delete product
Product Sale:
Normal Invoice:
Normal Job sheet:
  • Lead Report
  • Service Invoice Report
  • Refund Service Invoice Report
  • Repair Invoice Report
  • Refund Repair Invoice Report
  • Ticket Report
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Agentwise Sales Report
  • Revenue Summary Report